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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Light Hearted Conversations of Amor Sing

Cocka Cola peeyegi? leered Amor Sing as he fixed his gaze on the 36DD of Maxima Chudri.

Naheen Amorjee, I'm on a diet. Quivered the sultry siren with a coy smile. Aaj Kal kaam thoda slow hai, moti ho gayee hoon. When I am in shootings, I maintain myself.

Bolbachchan jee se baat kara doon? Tab to Cocka Cola peeyogi? Asked a concerned Mr. Sing, licking the slow trickle of Banarsi Paan off his bulbous lips.

Ek baar kaam mil jaaye, aapki Cocka Cola peeyoongi aur aapko momos khilaaoongi. Demured the virginal Ms. Chudri.

Amor's beady eyes lit up and he fumbled in his pants for his cell, which took him a while as he kept grabbing the wrong hard object. Feverishly he dialed Bolbachchan's number, never taking his eyes off the fertile valley of Ms. Chudri's 36DD.

Bolbachchan...helloo, my phrend...this eej Amor. Houu aarr yoo? brayed Mr. Sing into the phone.

Amorjee...good to hear from you. I am just walking out of the hospital. Replied Mr. BB in his thunderous voice. He was really upset. He had gone through so much effort to evade the tax guys, but they had showed up at the hospital. All the trouble for nothing. Kya seva karoon aapki? Bengali rasmalai ya kuchh naya taaja? Inquired the solicitous Mr. BB, knowing Amor's penchant for exotic items that liked to suck his Cocka Cola.

Aapka Maximajee ke baare mein kya vichaar hai? Asked Amor while doing mental somersaults off the said lady's 36DDs.

Acchee hain, bahoot acchee. Replied Mr. BB has he thought about the one night in Goa, when he had evaluated her hidded assets by taking her in-depth screen test. Lekin mujhe taxwallon sey time miley to mein kuchh karoon. Added Bolbacchanjee, as he thought about his own hidded assets.

BBjee, taxwallon ki kya majaal jo aapko haath lagayen. Aap to desh ka heera are a national treasure. The country should pay you taxes. Replied Amor, as he thought of a new strategy to hose the electorate.

To mein samjhoon ki tax vax ki problem khatam?

Bilkul, mera desh mein khet or khalihaan...maali jitne phool lagaye...neta sabhi tod ke le jayen.
Sang Amor as he anticipated eating momos with Maximajee.

Then fine...I will take Maxima in my new blockbuster...Tu Jhuk Mein Maroon.


  • Ho ho ho ho, don't have words for this. This was hillarious. I have been demanding since long that Amar singh's tape should be made public in National interest. :P

    By Blogger greensatya, at 2:38 AM  

  • Couldn't agree with you more Satya.

    Hope things are going well in Finland.

    By Blogger Nachiketa, at 12:09 PM  

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