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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In defense of Pakistan

As ideas go Pakistan is a great one. Talk about the "land of the pure". Now, let me explain why I call it an idea.

Since time immemorial, every Tom, Dick and Henry who wanted to get a piece of India raped and pillaged his way through that pure land to get to the heart of India (gangetic plains). If it wasn't Alexander's Greeks stroking the tight buns of the little boys there, than it was the Turks who went about their merry way buggering the bejeezus out of the kiddees there (remember the movie Lawrence of Arabia?). By gosh, by now there's probably no pure-bred left who doesn't have a bit of a Greek, Turk, Persian, Mongol and god knows what in him.

All this resulted in a culture that had no affinity for Bharatvarsh and its ancient history. Talk to any Egyptian and he is proud of the pharaohic history of Egypt. But our Pakistani cousins, to the man, look westward at the Arab and Persian civilization as their past. I think, this is the main reason partition was sought by them. They have a distorted view of their past and have no affinity for their true heritage which is more centered in the Indus valley and gangetic plains region. What no one seems to realize is that 95% of Pakistanis are descendents of Hindus who have been converted - by force or volanteerily. Their history is the same as Indian history.

Was Nehru Bad for India?

Picture this...a nation that has consistently denied its army - training and equipment, and a nation that has recently emerged from the searing event of being cleaved into three pieces.

And now add to this a nation with a half-clad army faced with a much stronger, well-equipped enemy on the icy mountain heights of the himalayas. What should a leader do? a) Start stalling and building strength; b) Start talking to the enemy's enemy; c) Start a fight.

Correct answer - a and b.

What does this leader do?

i) He ignores his army, and promotes his incompetent cousin (Gen Kaul), and appoints another idiot friend of his to be the Defense Minister (Krishna Menon).
ii) He becomes a leader of the Non-Aligned Movement and thumbs his nose at the US and USSR, who are both hostile to the enemy.
iii) Orders 'Forward Patrols" to throw out the enemy.

Yes, he does everything backwards, and yes, I am talking about chacha Nehru and the Indo-China war. Of all the incompetent people India has had to deal with over the last 5000 years, he is way up there. People praise him for his vision...but don't get me started. That is a topic for another blog.

Not only does our great nation not fire him, but votes for his daughter, than his grandson, than his grandson's wife, and now his grandson's son. On top of that it names every stadium, road, etc etc after him. Are we gluttons for punishment or what?

I think Nov 14 is a holiday that is totally wasted on him. I would much rather take Jan 2 as a holiday takes at least 2 days to get out of the new year's eve bash hangover. Actually, if Indians really think that Nehru was a great man and want to honor him, a more appropriate holiday for him would be Feb 14 (Valentines Day). After all, we all know how amorous he was. Everyone knows about his fling with the Mountbatten's wife. I mean think about this...the leader of a straitlaced nation which absolutely believes in the sanctity of marriage, running around with a crush on his friend's wife. Sick!!

Blogs Breed Fanatics

I am pretty new to the world of blogs, but one thing is sure...they are addictive. Everyday, I spend hours thinking/surfing/posting about blogs. I also think blogs have a "cloistering" effect. I am not sure if this is even a right word, but here's what I mean:

Most of the comments and emails I receive is divided into two categories - i) Agreeing; and ii) Disagreeing. Sounds simple, but its more complicated than that. If things were left at that, it would be fine. But human tendency is such that we drift towards familiar or similar things. Therefore, I respond to and interact with mostly bloggers who agree with me. You see the problem now? Its like a circular logic - I write what I think, others respond saying I am right, I agree with them, therefore I believe I am right, I write some more.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

First Day in Blogosphere

So this is technology. Any raving lunatic could start typing and broadcasting his/her random thoughts into the electronic jungle for eternity.

Me likeee! Last time I had a chance to hold people hostage to my mindless drivel was in 8th grade when I presented an essay to the class and everyone had to listen to me. I think I got a girl thrown out of the class that day coz she didn't "pay attention" to me.